Truckee falls to Lady Wave

Caitlyn Welch looks for an opening past Truckee's Marlena Montano (12) during the Lady Wave's Friday home game.

Caitlyn Welch looks for an opening past Truckee's Marlena Montano (12) during the Lady Wave's Friday home game.

The Lady Wave claimed another decisive victory Friday, crushing Truckee’s Lady Wolverines.

The Fallon home game closed with a final score of 50-13.

Fallon claimed an early lead and held it throughout the match. By the end of the first quarter, the Lady Wave was ahead 21-3.

In the second, Fallon continued to dominate, flooding in scores while holding Truckee to one. When the buzzer sounded halftime Fallon led, 35-5.

In the third quarter Truckee doubled its halftime score. The Lady Wave defense worked to quell the sudden surge, but the team held strong and maintained its 30-point lead, 41-11. The Lady Wolverines were pushed back for the final quarter. Both teams worked to keep the other from scoring, but Fallon pushed through and kept in the lead.

Fallon coach Anne Smith said her team executed its game plan well. Offensively, she said the players were able to work on some issues; she said there was improvement in their strategy and defense. The players were able to keep Truckee down for the full first half and final quarter.

Even when they have a huge lead, Smith said she doesn’t let the players rest; while she may alter their strategy or put different players on the court, they always play like the other team could come back.

“They always have to play defense,” Smith said. “Offensively, I might say ‘only a post can score,’ ‘you have to pass a certain amount of times before you score,’ but defense I never let them rest, they have to play defense.”

While she said they had too many turnovers, Smith recalled her team did well overall. It was also a good opportunity to field some of the bench players and give everyone time on the court.

“Everyone did well,” Smith said. “I felt like all of them did a good job.”

Lailani Otuafi led the Wave, scoring 14 points, with Faith Cornmesser and Caitlyn Welch adding 9. Most of the players scored. Otuafi made one trey with three of four free throws and four rebounds; Cornmesser had two rebounds and a free throw, and Welch made three rebounds, a free throw and a trey.

On Tuesday, the Lady Wave faced Fernley at home, then travels to Lowry on Friday. Smith said Fernley is a tough team and was confident they would both be good games.

During practices, Smith said the Lady Wave have been working on everything.


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