Fernley looking for volunteer firefighters

The North Lyon County Fire District is in critical need of Volunteers! Over the years, Fernley has been one of the fastest growing cities in Nevada. As the economy returns more developments are being completed and our total call volume is increasing. In 2016 the District responded to over 2,800 incidents. The community has not approved funding to increase career staffing, so volunteers are critical in providing emergency services at pare to similar communities.

Why would someone want to join?

We have a family and team environment in our department and in Fire/EMS. The North Lyon County Fire Protection District is an all hazard agency. We have state of the art Fire and EMS apparatus and equipment. You will gain skills and knowledge while helping others.

What are the benefits?

Some benefits include camaraderie, experience, and a new second family. Other benefits include retirement programs, injury prevention programs, tuition reimbursement, apparel, access to work equipment, PPE is provided and beyond. Firefighter I and Emergency Medical Technician training is provided. You will work with some of the best emergency responders in Nevada.

How much time is required for training, and what, if any, additional costs for personal apparel or even PPE is required?

Typically, there are three trainings schedule a month and one Volunteer Meeting. Initial training can be online based with skills completed in house with certified Fire Service Instructors. There are no costs for PPE, we cover it all. Additional trainings are offered and travel to training conferences.

If you would like more information, please visit us or contact us at 775-575-3310.


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