Churchill County open house in Fallon shows passion for art, dialogue

Churchill County's Julie Guerrero hangs work by photographer Dennis Doyle for the upcoming open house. Self-taught with 20 years' experience, local artist Doyle captures images throughout the west.

Churchill County's Julie Guerrero hangs work by photographer Dennis Doyle for the upcoming open house. Self-taught with 20 years' experience, local artist Doyle captures images throughout the west.

A Churchill County open house featuring numerous local artists is Tuesday from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the county administration building on Taylor St.

Artists who have work on display in the building’s halls, commissioners as well as many other community leaders will be available, and refreshments will be served.

“The county has been trying to get as many people as it can who work for the county to be there, so the public has the opportunity to interact with their elected officials — and see those leaders and volunteers who are serving them every day,” said Julie Guerrero, Churchill County manager executive assistant, who is passionately curating the Celebrate Us artwork project.

Guerrero said with government department, board or committee interactions sometimes over controversial issues, this is a chance to meet socially, introduce one’s self and tour a building filled with local art. Beyond decorating the once-blank walls on either side of the wide hallways, she added recently there has been a complete change-out of almost all artwork.

A few years ago, Guerrero said, County Manager Eleanor Lockwood was visiting Lyon County’s administration facility and noticed its walls captured area artwork; she was inspired. Guerrero noted imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Guerrero said the county building is part of its image and should be a warm, beautiful, bright place. Drawing artwork from the large local talent pool adds tremendously to this, she said.

There is a diverse collection of artists exhibiting in the former hospital including mediums ranging from oil paint and pastels to digital photography and wet-plate collodion, an early photographic process. Different levels of experience and backgrounds are also represented from professionals who work at their craft full time to hobbyists who also manage households with children.

“We’re pretty blessed to have such talent,” Guerrero said. “Now we’re here to celebrate and show our local pride for our local community art talent.”

The county also works with the library, museum and school district to cross-promote local artists. In 2012, a high school junior developed the new county logo. The county also promotes youth and senior art as well as aims to collaborate with the Churchill Economic Development Authority.

“We’re different from a gallery,” Guerrero said, adding the county buildings can be less intimidating as well as offer exposure at no cost. “I’d say my favorite part of this is when I meet artists who’ve never shown their work before. It’s just awesome to see people light up when displaying for the first time … It has been such a privilege to watch our artists grow.”

Guerrero added this is a chance for the individual who maybe doesn’t have time to visit a gallery — as well as take in art that might have more meaning due to its local nature.

If interested in displaying artwork, contact Guerrero at 775-423-5136.

“We’re very grateful to all our artists,” she said.

Guerrero reflected on recently meeting a woman during a weekend art class in town and watching her paint.

“I knew right away she had a gift,” Guerrero said, “and I jokingly made a comment while looking at my canvas next to hers about how I wound up in a seat next to a professional artist. I quickly learned Tatiana (Sozvirskaya) had a passion for art, specifically pastels, and she showed me photos of some of her work that was in her studio at home.

“Turns out, Tatiana, who grew up in Siberia, had never shown her work. I knew after talking to her that she didn’t realize how good she really was. Now, months later, her beautiful work is on display for the first time, and the county has the honor of helping share her exhibit with the community.”

New exhibits:

Kristen Kabrin of Kristen Kabrin Photography (photography)

Marie Nygren of Marie Nygren Photography (photography)

Larry Neel of Larry Neel Photography (photography)

Dennis Doyle of Dennis Doyle Photography (photography)

Tatiana Sozvirskaya (pastel artist)

Jennifer Manha of Jennifer Manha Photography (photography)

Lanndon Nystrom (drawing)

Shelly Bunyard (photography)

Carol Thomas (oil painting and acrylic painting)

Breanna St. Ledger of Breanna St. Ledger Photography (photography)

Kristine McNary of Battle Born Historical Photography (fine arts photography)

Existing exhibits:

Heath Smith of Heath Smith Photography (photography)

Skip Reeves of Silver State Photography (photography)

James Crawshaw of Brand 34 Photography (photography)

Paulie Alles (photography)

April Oakden of April Oakden Images (photography and fine art)

Shari Havelka of Let Art Inspire (encaustic art)

Max W. Baumgardner III (oil and acrylic painting)

Linda Hammond (photography)

Sherry Jensen (photography)

Kelly Helton (photography)

Elizabeth Cristobal (oil painting)

Dawn Gleason (fairy houses)

Robert Fullerton of Jewlery Unearthed (handmade jewelry)

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