Past Pages for Sunday, July 9, 2017

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150 Years Ago

Episcopal Church: Services will be held this evening with a sermon by Rev. Mr. Lathrop at the Courthouse. The ladies of the church will have a festival in the County Building. A pleasant time may be expected. Admittance, one dollar.

130 Years Ago

Virginia and Truckee smashup: The freight train ditched some ore cars near the Eureka Mill. The local passenger train came down and collided with the Engine of No. 7 from the ditched cars. Conductor Bray was thrown against the cars by the shock and received severe injuries about the face. Dr. Prentice and wife were on the train and dressed his wounds. The collision was due to the neglect of No. 7 train to send a flagman to meet No. 4. Engine 20 is badly wrecked remaining near the track. No. 18 is badly crippled, and was towed to the shops for repairs. It is fortunate that no lives were lost.

110 Years Ago

Mob at Wonder: John Patterson was assaulted by a mob, tarred and feathered on a charge that he attempted an assault on two little girls. He has commenced proceeding on both criminal and civil charges against his assailants and will pursue damages against the county and state. Patterson had been drinking and when leaving a saloon ran into a couple little girls who were terrified at his appearance and ran home screaming. The mother hysterically conveyed the idea to the miners and the man who attempted assault on her children. She says she may have been mistaken.

100 Years Ago

Exempt: Men exempted by the draft board will be given buttons reading, “Exempted by U.S.,” to show that he is no slacker. Thousands of buttons are ready to distribute.

50 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Tahoe Drive-In, Bijou Theater, “The Big Mouth” with Jerry Lewis; also, “Born Free.”

20 Years Ago

Photo caption: Suzette Feilen, a University of Nevada, Reno, biology student and Wild Animal Infirmary for Nevada volunteer, holds a peregrine falcon. The organization will release several birds of prey in Genoa including a great horned owl.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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