PEBP uses funds to help cancer foundation

Not only did the Public Employees’ Benefits Program win a national award, they decided to do something unique with the cash prize.

PEBP was honored with the State and Local Government Benefits Association award for innovation. The award was for PEBP’s program to help members with chronic disease receive drug infusions from providers throughout Nevada. PEBP Executive Officer Daymon Haycock said the program helped save more than $600,000 while ensuring each person’s right to choose where they receive their critical care.

The cancer foundation, he said, gave PEBP three options for its prize: free admission for their staff to the benefits association annual conference, iPads for staff or a $2,000 donation to the charity of their choice.

He said they chose making a donation to the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation.

“I was told we were the first entity ever to select that option,” he said. “We would much rather take the opportunity to provide a local organization funding that can help them and help Nevadans.”

The donation, he said, got them another prize — a letter from the cancer foundation explaining exactly what it was able to do with the money.

That letter says over the past month, the money provided travel funds to life-saving treatment for 20 children, support for five families with rent and mortgage expenses, household expenses for seven families and insurance copays for six children.

“Thank you for making a difference for local children with cancer,” says the letter from Debbie Strickland, executive director of the cancer foundation.


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