Draw Fire 100 percent contained

With hard work and perseverance, firefighters have reached 100% containment on the Draw Fire, which began on July 7. This means there are strong lines all around the perimeter of the fire. They will continue to patrol and monitor to make sure there are no hidden hot spots that might flare up and jump the lines. Crews removed pumps and other structure protection tools since they are no longer needed. Spike camps have been closed and all of the crews are moving down to the main camp. Repair work has begun on dozer lines and other excavated areas to prevent erosion.

Fire crews will continue to patrol, mop up and cold-trail the fireline to ensure that it remains cold and out. There are pockets and islands of unburned vegetation in the interior of the fire that may torch up from time to time but they should not be able to spread or jump the containment lines. Additionally, crews will continue to restore bulldozer and hand lines by blocking them at the ends so that people don’t try to use them as new roads. Berms will be leveled so the natural land contours are restored, and water bars constructed at key locations to prevent erosion from future rains and spring snow melts.


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