Carson City announces ‘zero tolerance’ policy on marijuana sales to youth

Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury said Wednesday Carson City will have a “zero tolerance policy” for marijuana sales to youth in Carson City.

“Marijuana has been legalized for possession and use by adults,” Woodbury said in a press release. “But it is still illegal for minors, and it is still a felony to sell it to someone under 21.”

Adult recreational marijuana became legal Jan. 1, after Question 2 was approved by Nevada voters in the 2016 general election.

Under Woodbury’s policy, prosecutors are directed to decline plea bargains for any person charged with providing marijuana to someone under the age of 21. Only Woodbury or Assistant District Attorney Kristin Luis can authorize an exception, he said.

Woodbury said the new policy was prompted by “unfounded presumptions” regarding enforcement of marijuana laws after the election.

“It seems like some misunderstood Question 2 to create this marijuana free-for-all where anyone can use anytime and anywhere. That troubles me, especially as that attitude enhances the danger of marijuana use by minors,” he said.

Regular marijuana use by adolescents and young adults can adversely affect normal brain development, according to Woodbury.

Woodbury hopes “zero tolerance” will help reduce access to marijuana by minors.

“A big part of my objective is deterrence. Don’t sell marijuana to kids or my office will make an example of you,” he said. “I’ll be the happiest prosecutor in the state if we never have to execute this policy, because that will mean our education efforts worked.”


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