Liberals are losing ground

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It seems that every week the liberal left becomes more irrational and in many cases more ludicrous than ever. They can’t accept the fact that Trump won the Presidential election. Their every action is intended to undermine that election and the Trump presidency.

The more liberals are stymied by Trump, the more inane they seem to get, both with actions and accusations. For example, President Donald Trump now causes obesity in liberal actresses. Trump is worse than ISIS. Climate change and asthma are Trump’s fault. You get the idea. Trump should be impeached, but they can’t cite a reason why.

President Trump kept a campaign promise by withdrawing from the Paris Accord. This was supposed to be a world-wide treaty to battle climate change. Its goal was to reduce climate temperature by 0.2 degrees Centigrade over 50 years. Trump exposed it for what it actually is.

It is a treaty, only called an accord so Obama could approve it without Congress, which gave major polluters like China a pass for a few years while placing the bulk of the expense burden on the U.S. It was a bad deal for us and will probably fail without the U.S. footing the bill.

Yet to hear liberals Trump just ended the world. We will be awash in ocean water within ten years. Polar bears will die, planes will crash, and people will starve due to rising carbon dioxide levels. Yes, that dastardly gas that is essential to plant life for photosynthesis will kill us all, probably within the next decade. All this despite the gloomy predictions of yore of similar deadlines that passed without a whimper. It reminds me of kindergarten where whiny fits are thrown if some else gets the milk carton they wanted.

Liberals are still beating the Russian election interference drum. They have been investigating this since July 2016 and still don’t have any proof. Yet they seem to think if they keep making the charge something will turn up. It is kind of like the bratty kid who got a pile of manure for Christmas and kept digging for the pony underneath.

Their new target is Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner for supposedly seeking a back channel to Russia during the Trump transition. They gleefully think this is their new way to get Trump, not realizing that making this accusation counters their original theory. If Trump colluded with Russia, why would he need a post-election back channel?

Kathy Griffin was recently chastised for her over-the-top “comedy” where she displayed a mockup of a beheaded Trump. This was supposed to be funny. She received some backlash from her peers. Yet the next day she tried to turn herself from the perpetrator into a victim, saying Trump caused her to do it. Only a liberal can claim victimhood for their own actions.

Bill Maher recently used the “n word” on his show while talking with Senator Ben Sasse (R, Nebraska). Did Maher receive any backlash? No, it was Sasse who was blamed, for not showing enough outrage. Dream up any way to blame a Republican for anything. Why not, it has worked until now. It simply isn’t believable any more by even the most jaded middle American..

Even our newly elected junior Senator, Katherine “Reid Clone” Masto, has gotten into the act. She has reportedly instructed her media staff to come up with at least one thing daily that is anti-Trump. It might pay to email her and call her to task over that. I did.

Radio host Mark Steyn recently made the observation that the Constitution has been turned upside down. The Judicial Branch is now making law through administrative rulings and the Legislative Branch is now investigating. Witness the rulings which had no basis in law on the Trump travel ban and the endless investigative hearing on the supposed Russian collusion by Congress. I would add that the Obama Executive Branch simply ignored the other two and did what they pleased.

I suspect that liberals don’t hate Trump so much as fear that their agenda will be exposed for what they know deep down it really is; a colossal scam that doesn’t and won’t work. A liberal’s greatest enemy is factual truth. As former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said, ”Socialism only works until you run out of other peoples’ money.” Trump is exposing their agenda. They cannot afford to allow that to happen. If the public catches on, the liberal agenda is toast.

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