View from the Past

100 Years ago

Young Signatures Lacking — Water Users Fail to Realize Importance of Signing Up. Of course this is a very busy season for the farmers, and one where it is difficult for them to get away and attend to such matters as the signing of the water users petitions, but the importance of this matter leads us to again call the attention of water users to this matter. There are five of these petitions out, one in the Fernley District, one at the Beckstead store, one at the I. H Kent Co. store, one at the Standard office, and one at the Eagle office. There are about 800 or 900 landholders on the project and it will therefore be necessary to get at least over 400 names for a majority.

Fallon Eagle, Saturday, June 16, 1917

Many Hear Minstrels — Episcopal Entertainment at Temple Theater Proves to be Success. What is pronounced the finest entertainment ever given by local talent in Fallon was presented at the Temple Theater Monday evening under the auspices of the Ladies Guild of the Episcopal Church. The theater was packed to the doors by an audience that demonstrated their appreciation by frequent and enthusiastic applause. It was really a double bill, the first part being the Mother Goose play by children under the direction of Mrs. J. R Post, in which the children played a splendid part in their various roles, the quaint costumes being a striking feature to the play.

Fallon Eagle, Saturday, June 16, 1917

75 Years ago

New Money for Fallon Airport is an Addition. A telegram to Claude H. Smith from congressmen James G. Scrugham, who has returned to Washington after a brief Visit to Nevada, says that the $125,000 referred to by him in a previous telegram as being carried in an appropriation bill for the Fallon airport, is an addition to the $352,000 already appropriated for the port. The congressmen’s telegram explained that allocation and use of the additional sum will be governed by the amount of pending bids.

Fallon Eagle Saturday, June 20, 1942

50 years ago

Wrestling to be offered at C.C.H.S. Wrestling will become a regular part of the sports activities at Churchill county high school, according to William Lutz, vice principal. Wrestling has been sanctioned by the Nevada Interscholastical Activities Association to be worked into next year’s program on an experimental basis. A regular schedule of wrestling competition events between schools will be set up, probably to fall into the December-March school year. Five schools including CCHS have already scheduled wrestling. Mr. Anthony Klenakis will be coach for wrestling. Fallon’s representatives to the sanctioning NIAA are Mr. Louis Hirschmann, Principal; and Mr. Edward Archiniega, director of athletics.

Fallon Eagle-Standard Friday, June 16, 1967

A view from the past… Stories from the Churchill County Museum and Archives, researched and compiled by Dwen Davis, Churchill County Museum assistant.


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