Letters to the editor for Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Opinion writer’s column missing facts

Reply to “Post Election Thoughts” on Feb. 17, Deyo infers the Clintons and Obamas made fortunes off the citizens of America and President Obama left the country in worse condition than when taking office in ‘09. Wrong! Books and speaking are the source of most of each family’s wealth.

Deyo states Obama sealed his college records. A lie. Schools cannot release records by law. (No other president has been required to do so.) Fact: He did graduate magna cum laude from Harvard. He was born in Hawaii, USA.

Obama and Clintons showed their income tax records. Deyo states race relations are terrible ... why not check out the KKK, Nazis party, alt-right and hand gun production, up 134 percent as causes also. Deyo states more unemployment than ever. Lie. Obama inherited 7.8 percent unemployment and left it at 4.8 percent and managed to keep the country out of another great depression. He inherited $1.4 trillion debt and reduced it to $438 billion by 2015, added 10 million jobs in eight years.

So, ask these questions: Where will we be in four years? Just how did Trump become a billionaire? Why does he like Putin so much and hate the press? How did he dodge the draft during Vietnam? How much will he be worth in four years? If you don’t think the millionaires helped us out why would you think the billionaire would actually care about us?

Whatever your political persuasion, do some checking for the real facts before the next election. It is a small price to pay for living in a democracy!

Randy Amrhein

Carson City


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