Recipe: Roasted carrots by Suzie Albaugh

There are many exciting things happening in our Fallon Food Hub community. The Food Hub is about to celebrate our first birthday/anniversary. We have had a great year serving our community with local and fresh produce. We’re looking forward to the future of what the Fallon Food Hub is bringing to our community.

With the great things going on we also have the Kitchen Warriors using our commercial kitchen. The “Kitchen Warriors” is a 4-H cooking club here in Fallon, led by Sue Van Patten. She instructs the young 4-Hers proficiency and skills in the culinary arts. What a wonderful day to come and shop at the Fallon Food Hub, the smells coming from our kitchen are delicious. The 4-H club is able to use the FFHC kitchen because we have a commercial kitchen that can be leased by the public.

The Kitchen Warriors learn to use their culinary skills while making delicious meals such as meatloaf, taco salads, quiche and many more. They don’t forget the dessert, either — tie dye cookies, fruit salads and delicious cakes.

Some of the skills they use are how to read and measure out the ingredients to a recipe. They become efficient with a knife and most importantly, holding the knife correctly as the 4-Hers chop and cut vegetables. Learning the techniques that include the fastest way to dice an onion to the correct way to measure a cup of flour. Many of the produce the cooking club uses are available here in the Fallon Food Hub.

Sue Van Patten mentioned one of the best parts of being an instructor of the Kitchen Warriors was to watch the students with little experience in the kitchen succeed and be proud of something they learned to prepare. The 4-H Kitchen Warriors consists of girls as well as boys. Everyone needs to learn the proper ways to prepare the food and cook meals.

If you know a child who would like to be a part of the Kitchen Warriors team, contact Karen Bogdanowicz at the Churchill County Extension Office, 775-423-5121.

And if you’re local and would like to lease out the Fallon Food Hub kitchen, contact me, 775-867-5625.

Find Fallon Food Hub on Facebook for all up and coming events.

The Kitchen Warriors would like to share a delicious favorite with you. If you love carrots you will love this recipe by Sue Van Patten.

Roasted Carrots


1-2 pounds of carrots (we used Lattin Farm’s carrots)

3 tablespoons olive oil or vegetable oil or even coconut oil

Pinch of salt

Dash of pepper

3 cloves of fresh garlic, minced (or you can use garlic salt, but we think fresh is best)


Mix together the oil of choice, salt, pepper and garlic.

After rinsing off the carrots, cut them into sticks of carrots and toss them in the oil mixture. After the carrots are coated well, lay them flat on a cookie sheet that has been lined with foil.

Bake at 400 degrees for about 10-20 minutes. You will know the carrots are perfectly roasted when they’re crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Even more delicious when a bit charred around the edges of the carrots.

Suzie Albaugh is manager of Fallon Food Hub.


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