Energy, sex trafficking, university budgets on Nevada Legislature’s agenda

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On Monday, the Assembly Commerce and Labor Committee takes up a series of bills dealing with energy, utilities and renewable energy requirements including re-establishing the solar incentives program and directing utilities to begin working on energy storage systems in Nevada.

In addition, the Senate Legislative Operations and Elections Committee will review the proposed state constitutional amendment that would remove the board of Regents from the constitution and have its makeup and duties provided for by the Legislature.

Tuesday’s joint money committee meeting will attempt to close the budgets of the University System, one of the largest group of budgets at nearly $2 billion over the biennium when General Fund, grant money and student fees are added together.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will review several Assembly bills dealing with criminal offenses including AB243 vacating convictions of sexual crimes for victims of sex trafficking who were forced into involuntary servitude.

The Assembly Taxation Committee will take up SB442 which would tighten requirements a business must satisfy to qualify for tax abatements within the economic development programs.

Wednesday’s Assembly Judiciary Committee will review SB344, a bill designed to tighten controls over particularly edible marijuana products to make sure they aren’t designed to appeal to children and to limit the potency of certain products in a given package for sale.

A joint money committee subcommittee will close the budgets of the state Public Employee Benefits Program that provides health insurance to state workers on Wednesday.

The Assembly Health and Human Services Committee will hear SB374, a bill designed to protect holders of medical marijuana cards from action by professional licensing boards.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday discusses AB268, allowing convicted inmates can ask their DNA samples in a case be tested if they believe the evidence will clear them of the crime.

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee hears AB261, a bill providing protections for health care professionals who prescribe drugs designed to let a terminally ill patient end his or her own life.

In addition, that committee will review joint resolutions urging the federal government not to make changes to Medicare and Social Security and not to repeal the ACA.

Thursday budget closings include a review of the Nevada share of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency budgets by a Senate Finance, Assembly Ways and Means subcommittee.

The Assembly Legislative Operations and Elections Committee will review elections changes including the proposal to mandate county clerks provide a polling place that can be used by any district resident whether it’s that person’s specific polling place or not.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday will review legislation including the Juvenile Justice Bill of Rights and measures allowing commutation of certain juvenile convictions.


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