Past Pages for Sunday, May 7, 2017

150 Years Ago

Charcoal for fattening turkeys: Four turkeys were confined to a pen and fed on meal, boiled potatoes and oats. Four others were confined in a pen and fed the same but with one pint of fine pulverized charcoal mixed in. There was a difference of one and a half pounds in the turkeys fed charcoal and the meat greatly superior in tenderness and flavor.

130 Years Ago

Mule team tragedy: Frank Osborn, employed at Benton’s stables, is lame from a broken leg that happened some years ago in Pine Nut Country. As a teamster, he was freighting with a team of 16 mules and going down a steep hill when the break slipped. He came upon some roots that ran along the bank parallel to the wagons and grasped the bushes. The big iron tires were grinding over his legs and broke both. His little dog that was with him came up and hearing the barks of the coyotes, began to run around his master in a circle. The faithful dog never relaxed his efforts to save his master. Finally a team came along, and he was taken up and carried 12 miles to the first house to be cared for. It was six months before Osborn was on his feet ...

110 Years Ago

Rhyolite: A row occurred at the Novelty saloon in which two men were cut with a knife, one fatally. The third man was shot with a revolver. William Tugwell was cut in the abdomen and will probably die. Joe Mankudso, an Italian, is in the hospital, shot twice but will recover, and F. N. Potter, the bartender, is painfully cut. (Rhyolite Miner)

Sells-Floto Entertain: This show is called “the circus beautiful.” The wagons are clean and employees attentive. They show courtesy to the public and comply with advanced promises. The menagerie is complete with special features are of trained animals, acrobatics and clowns. Shows are in Reno — round trip is $1.50.

100 Years Ago

Grand Theater: The big stellar attraction will be “Ashes of Embers” (Paramount film) with the great American actress Pauline Frederick. She plays the dual role of twin sisters. Also playing: “Some Doctor” with Victor Moore ... a whirlwind of fun.

70 Years Ago

Warren Engine Co.: An electric operated overhead wooden door for the Warren Engine fire department was authorized by the Board of Trustees. Fire Chief George Meyers appeared before the group requesting the door, costing $1,350, be installed.

20 Years Ago

Chuck Saulisberry: Chuck flies a most unusual group of passengers — ashes of people who have passed away. He has provided local funeral homes his air mortuary services from the Carson City Airport 60 to 80 times a year.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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