Past Pages for Tuesday, May 16, 2017

150 Years Ago

Steeple and bell wanted: Rev. Stumph proposes to put a steeple up and hang a bell on the Methodist Church. He hopes it may be done by easy subscriptions from our citizens. There ought to be a bell for church, public gathering and fire alarm purposes in that part of town, and a guiding steeple pointing up toward heaven from this sin-stricken valley.

130 Years Ago

Terrible tuner: A man named De Prans came to this city and tuned pianos at a greatly reduce priced. They thought that had been paying Prof. Zech too much. De Prans tuned pianos, took the money and left. All the piano in Carson began to throw out terrible discords and the instruments which once sent up such lovely strains now filled the hearts of men with hate and the air with discord causing a loud outcry all over town for old Jacob Zech — who came up and began putting the pianos of Carson in order. When last heard of De Prans, he had been arrested in Nevada County for appropriating a horse.

110 Years Ago

New hot springs: The new buildings are of the old Mission style of architecture, the old swimming tank has a cement bottom which slopes so bathers can get water of any depth, and dressing rooms have every convenience. Mr. Smith, the proprietor, knows how to run a resort.

100 Years Ago

Wood alcohol from sagebrush: Benjamin Q. P. Foss of Philadelphia and Yuba county have arranged to build a $75,000 plant near Carson City, so that wood alcohol can be procured from Nevada sagebrush for use in his newly invented 580- ton, armored gyroscope hydroaero triplane he will build this summer on the Snyder ranch in Santa Clara county. (San Francisco Bulletin)

70 Years Ago

Jobs needed: Ken Jones, manager of the Carson office of the state employment services, says that a wrangler, two butchers and one store clerk positions are open — the wrangler must handle 80 head of horses. The two butchers are for local businesses, and the clerk should be a woman.

20 Years Ago

City of Refuge: Diane and Dave Gamble, founders of City of Refuge, started by housing two pregnant women in their home in Genoa but later wanted to operate a larger facility on a more permanent basis. The building housing “The city of Refuge” opened just weeks ago. Everything has been donated from every valley business and some from Carson City and Reno.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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