Past Pages for Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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150 Years Ago

Warm Springs: Ducklings and chicks were hatched by the water at Warm Springs. They are thriving and particularly lively. The hatching apparatus are old cans with bits of woolen rags to keep the cool air out. The eggs are turned regularly. Eight or 10 eggs can be forced into existence his way.

130 Years Ago

Quick work: Mr. Bliss determined to see how quickly he could saw up a pine tree and utilize the lumber. In the morning a log was taken out from Lake Tahoe, the timber marked as it was sawed up, then was sent up the narrow gauge and sent down the flume. At 3 o’clock the same afternoon it was under the floor of Mr. Bliss’ new barn — all accomplished in less than nine hours.

110 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Headquarters for Tourism and Commercial Travelers, First Class in every Respect. Arlington House, Stout & McMillan, Props, only modern hotel in Carson, One block from railway depot.”

100 Years Ago

Words of noted men:

“The war must be brought to a finish” — David Lloyd George; “Enthusiasm is the dynamics of your personality” — J. Ogden Armour; “An advertisement is known by the company it keeps” — Samuel Hopkins Adams; “No great work can be done by any man who is isolated” — Prof. William Hammond Parker.

70 Years Ago

Hospital fund: Students in Carson City and Stewart are rallying to raise funds for Carson Tahoe Hospital. They will be working with the PTA. The students will bring in their pennies, nickels and quarters. Miss Grace Bordewich is in charge of the Carson City school collection and Al Hawley is in charge of the drive at Stewart.

20 Years Ago

JonBenet Ramsey’s parents have bought a newspaper ad and are asking if anyone saw a man approaching children about the time JonBenet was slain. The 6-year old was found strangled in her home on Dec. 26.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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