Eagle Scout ups hot springs safety, beauty

County youth are presented with 2017 Jim Regan Memorial Scholarships; from left, Commissioner Bus Scharmann, Michael Richards II, Isabel de la Cruz Martinez, Evie Regan, Commissioner Pete Olsen, Kathrine Vick, Ethan Smith, Commissioner Carl Erquiaga and Employee Management Committee Chair Pamela Moore.

County youth are presented with 2017 Jim Regan Memorial Scholarships; from left, Commissioner Bus Scharmann, Michael Richards II, Isabel de la Cruz Martinez, Evie Regan, Commissioner Pete Olsen, Kathrine Vick, Ethan Smith, Commissioner Carl Erquiaga and Employee Management Committee Chair Pamela Moore.

The Churchill County Board of Commissioners met Wednesday to recognize the work of Eagle Scout Mark Moyle II for increasing public safety and beautification at Lee Hot Springs 30 miles south of Fallon.

The Carson City District of the Bureau of Land Management’s Stillwater Field Office was also in attendance to honor Moyle and his project team’s work.

“The BLM wants to thank Mark and his troop (1776), because these projects typically don’t get done unless we have volunteers willing to tackle these jobs out in the desert,” said Ken Collum, Stillwater Field Office manager.

Moyle gave a presentation on the project, highlighting work done including an improved sign displaying the correct water temperature, built into the entrance gate and designed so it’s very easy to read and difficult to shoot up. The crew also reinforced the park fencing and removed excess vegetation as well as litter, including a heavy tub wedged into the ground.

“It was hardest thing I’ve done in my entire life to get that tub out,” he said smiling, adding putting the corner fence posts in the ground was also a difficult task.

Moyle added each phase was a big piece of the project and shared how his troop, troop parents and the BLM teamed up over the three weekend days.

“I saw the sign out there, and I wondered who was responsible for it,” Commissioner Carl Erquiaga said. “You did a great job.”

Commissioners Bus Scharmann and Pete Olsen also thanked the scout for his service.

During Collum’s regular update, he discussed the latest BLM activities including the Dixie Meadows geothermal project public comment period ending June 9 (no comments made yet). He reviewed the few related issues from previous study, and added he doesn’t anticipate a lot of problems with the Salt Wells solar project given the geothermal project there didn’t have many.

The board, Evie Regan and Employee Management Committee Chair Pamela Moore presented 2017 Jim Regan Memorial Scholarships to Isabel de la Cruz Martinez and Michael Richards II ($1,500 each) as well as Kathrine Vick and Ethan Smith ($1,000 each).

Jim Regan was a former county commissioner and school board member. It was shared the fundraising golf tournament (one of four premier local tournaments held yearly) has done so well the committee could increase the number of scholarships and the committee was also pleased how well-rounded all the applicants were.

Regan thanked the commissioners and golf course as well as Moore for the tournament work she does.

“Well, it’s done with love,” Moore said.

Olsen thanked Regan and the committee for memorializing Jim Regan’s work and giving back to the community.

“I want to thank all these young people for coming here today,” Olsen added. “It’s wonderful to see you all and see that you’ve got plans for your future … Churchill County thanks you. Good luck in all future endeavors.”

Incident Commander Bill Lawry gave a flood mitigation update including “Big Dig” equipment has been returned, and there are 65,000 sandbags for the public at the fairgrounds on pallets. Also a kick-off reimbursement meeting will be Tuesday. After meeting with the Truckee-Carson Irrigation District, Lahontan Reservoir flows were cut back to relieve stress on the river channels.

“It is a math game,” Lawry said, “and it looks like according to the engineers and hydrologists, we have a good chance of not having to up the river again.”

Lawry added if something does go haywire, they will have to increase flows again.

“All the work done is paying off and it looks like we’re going to be OK,” Olsen said. “But we have to remain vigilant.”

Social Services Director Shannon Ernst and Olsen will be discussing at the upcoming Nevada Association of Counties meeting a multiple county issue regarding a mandatory services provided hike. Ernst said the services pertain to hearing or visually impaired individuals until age 22. She said the jump is 200 to 300 percent of the poverty level, a $1 million cost across rural counties. She added it has been extremely difficult to estimate county costs.

Ernst said the potential cost impact is “frightening.”

Olsen added 300 percent “seems excessive.”

Comptroller Alan Kalt said his department could help address any related legislature issues in the final budget.

The commission also approved the following:

Local regulated tariff #17 changes for two county rates from $18 to $20 by June 1.

Fiscal year 2017 second service report (regarding developmental services) provided to the State of Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau.

Churchill County Social Services to act as fiscal agent for the Rural Nevada Continuum of Care as well as the Social Entrepreneurs, Inc. contract to provide planning activities to the Continuum.

Contract with Martin Roberto to conduct safety training.

CC Communications general manager to sign the Zayo Fiber Swap Agreements in a form approved by the District Attorney’s Office. General Manager Mark Feest reported this is a common telecommunications industry agreement for increased performance and profitability, and would not hinder future technology and traffic.

Community support funding in the amount of $1,500 for The Arts Center’s 5th Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser for the Arts.

POOL/PACT annual meeting update by Kalt. He reported on the “pool” benefits discussed including how the methods decrease risk, streamline coverage and are a responsible use of taxpayer dollars.

Public hearing set (June 1 at 6 p.m. in the county chambers) for an appeal filed by EGP Stillwater Solar PV II, LLC of a Planning Commission decision made to deny a special use permit for property located at 4785 Lawrence Lane — to construct and operate a 20-megawatt solar commercial renewable facility near the existing solar facility.

The next commission meeting will be June 1 at 8:15 a.m. in the chambers at 155 N. Taylor St.


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