The Popcorn Stand: For our heroes, let’s have banner days in Carson City

I had the chance to go down to my old stomping grounds, Porterville, Calif., over Memorial Day weekend and when I saw what was done on Main Street, I was impressed, proud – and a little jealous all at the same time.

The city of Porterville honors local military personnel by displaying small banners with their photos up and down Main Street.

Family members and supporters can purchase the banners for current military personnel and veterans, including those who have passed away and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while protecting this nation’s freedom.

This is the second year in which the banners have been displayed. The banners were raised for Memorial Day and won’t be lowered until after Veterans Day, so they obviously remain up for the Independence Day holiday as well.

The city of Porterville is well up to honoring more than 100 of its local personnel, so it’s a pretty good walk up and down Main Street to see all of the banners that are displayed.

There are many similarities between Porterville and Carson City and among them is how patriotic both communities are.

I attended Porterville’s Memorial Day Service and while at the cemetery I went over to the memorial that displays those from Porterville who died defending this nation’s freedom. I was struck by just how many Porterville has lost going all the way back to the Spanish-American War.

I would love to see Carson City copy Porterville and start honoring its heroes in the same way.

It would be so cool to see Carson Street lined with banners honoring local military personnel this Veterans Day in the same way as Main Street in Porterville.

Let’s make this happen Carson City.

For more on Porterville’s military banner program visit

— Charles Whisnand


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