The Popcorn Stand: Life imitates ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

One of my favorite shows is “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Larry David’s brilliant take on what he admits he would actually be like if he could get away with it.

David of course helped create Seinfeld and the Seinfeld reunion on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” was hilarious. And admittedly “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is really just a continuation of Seinfeld, but it’s still absolutely hilarious.

Well recently in a case of life imitating art, a St. Louis man was ticketed for honking his horn at a police officer.

Scott Smith claims he was honking at an officer in an unmarked car because the light had turned green and the officer didn’t move.

The plain clothes officer pulled him over and asked “is your horn stuck?’ Smith replied “is your brake stuck?”

The officer wasn’t amused and gave Smith a ticket for excessive noise, according to The Associated Press. Smith plans to file a formal complaint.

In “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” David was ticketed for honking at a police car at a stoplight.

I’m actually surprised this is the first instance I’ve heard of when it comes to life imitating art as far as “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is concerned. There are scenarios that happen all of the time in life in that show and situations that happen in that show I identify with.

I’m waiting for somebody to actually be caught sending “the accidental text on purpose” in real life.

I’m sure there are people in order to try to make themselves look good to somebody “accidentally” send a text to that person that was supposedly meant for someone else. But now thanks to David and “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the jig is up.

David is making it hard for all of us to imitate art in life.

— Charles Whisnand


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