The Popcorn Stand: A chase and a dance

Now I couldn’t pass up this headline: Suspect dances for Texas officers before police dog ends jig. This man led police on a nearly 20-mile chase through Houston and eventually was stopped. He did comply with police and got out of his car — but instead of doing what the police told him to do and lie down the guy decided to dance.

And the guy did have some pretty good moves although after watching the clip I thought maybe he was doing his best “I Dream of Jeannie” impersonation. (Look it up Millennials). I didn’t know what was more hilarious, watching this guy dance or watching the police officers trying to figure out what in the world he was doing. The officers decided to allow their police dog to attack the man as they were afraid the man would just keep on dancing into traffic. The man did come out of the incident OK.

I also found this story to be hilarious because it stated investigators would determine if the man was under the influence. I’m not a betting man but I do live in Nevada and after watching the clip, I would say it’s a safe bet the man was under the influence. I must say in this day and age of police-public confrontations ending in tragedy from what I saw these officers handled this situation pretty well. They didn’t overreact to any sudden moves and I think it was understandable they released the police dog. In the end nobody was seriously hurt and what we got was a hilarious clip to watch. You can watch it here:

— Charles Whisnand


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