CCMS staff pitch for blended learning environments

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Students at Churchill County Middle School are on their own paths to success, however, not all of them comprehend at the same pace.

That’s why CCMS staff is envisioning a new technique in the classroom called blended learning in order to help those who learn differently.

Representatives from the school presented the initiative to the district’s Board of Trustees last Wednesday.

“That’s what kills motivation for kids, something they don’t get,” said technology coach Nathan Waite. “Some kids can’t sit in a desk all day or class after class. We want to give them the option to work on multiple projects at once, or for as long as they want.”

The education program is intended to better serve diverse classes and students, combining online digital media with traditional methods. Not all students are required to participate in Blended Learning, as recruitment is based by applications.

The program would provide a learning center, personalized teacher guidance, and extended collaboration with peers. Waite said it also would fit current district practices by allowing students to access personal devices for learning purposes, while improving the digital curriculum.

Teachers would be required to attend Google training classes and coaching for certification.

“Basically, we’re combining computer learning projects, intervention and instruction,” Waite said. “It gives us an opportunity to offer several more courses for students.”

Similar program such as Blended Learning is practiced in Carson City and Las Vegas schools, and in other states. Students learn through hands-on collaborative projects with teachers, where they identify a student’s performance.

“It’s a new idea for Fallon but not a new idea for education,” said CCMS Principal Amy Word. “But blended learning is becoming more and more attractive.”

The program also will require renovations for a few classrooms, including space for summer school.

CCMS representatives requested trustees to consider the initiative and move forward to the next step.

Although the topic was scheduled for discussion only, Superintendent Sandra Sheldon suggested to visit local schools, such as Carson and Vegas, to observe its operations in blended learning.


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