Developer fees may help fund Lompa school site in Carson City

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The Carson City School Board on Tuesday approved an agreement in principle for a 10-acre construction proposal for an elementary school within the Lompa Ranch North Development area in which developer fees would fund almost all of the cost of the property.

The board approved its agreement after evaluating the proposed development agreement between the city and developers of Lompa Ranch, as a future home for a new Carson City elementary school.

Drainage improvements also will affect 5th Street, Saliman Drive, Robinson Road and north of Carson High School.

With a market value for the 10 acres of at least $2 million, the school district and developer negotiated on a plan for the 10 acres to become district property.

“The developer wanted to do an agreement before we brought it to the board of supervisors,” he said. “The school district then created a plan with the developer.”

Blackstone Development Group, Inc., and members of the district will present their agreement to the Board of Trustees for consideration and possible action. Besides a new elementary school on site, the details of the agreement also include builder responsibility for roads that will provide access to the school site, time estimation on projects, participation or provide support on request in the District’s Master Plan, escrow for the purchase of the school site, and access by June 2019.

As the property is subject to appraisal, a $1,000 school developer fee will be paid by the phase developers for each single or multiple family residential homes when the building permits are submitted.

This means the district will receive this money from the city, who collect the fees from the building permits from the developer.

The total number of single and multi-family units in the project are expected to raise $1.85 million in school developer fees. As for out-of-pocket expenses from the school district, it’s limited to $150,000.

But if the site appraises for more than $2 million, the developer will donate the increase to the school district, Stokes said.

The Board of Supervisors could consider the full development agreement at its Oct. 19 meeting. The developer is looking to the district for support so construction within the development can begin.

For a more in-depth description of the Lompa Ranch North Specific Plan visit


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