Safe drug disposal offered Saturday in Carson City

During Partnership Carson City’s drug roundup in April, more than 247 pounds of medications and 91 pounds of hypodermic needles were collected.

“That’s the amount of drugs that otherwise could have ended up on the streets or in the hands of young people,” said Brooklyn Maw, youth program coordinator for Partnership Carson City. “People get into family members’ medicine cabinets to get it.”

She’s hoping to collect at least 300 pounds of pills and 150 pounds of needles in the biannual drug roundup 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday at Food Maxx, both Carson City Save Marts and Smith’s Food and Drug.

“By disposing of these expired or unused medications, we’re helping to keep our community healthy and safe,” Maw said.

“The fewer drugs available, the safer our community.”

All pills must be brought in a plastic bottle or bag. Participants can black out their names if concerned about privacy.

Needles should be enclosed in a hard plastic container with a lid or cap, such as a coffee can or a laundry detergent bottle.

The medications will then be incinerated.

“If they get flushed, they get into the water supply,” said Tasha Martel, Partnership Carson City’s community outreach coordinator and grants manager. “If they get thrown away into the trash, people can still access them.”

The roundup coincides with National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month in October.

“It’s the perfect time to educate people about it,” Martel said.

It’s also important this area, in particular, receives the education.

“In Nevada, we’re the sixth-highest state in the country for the number of opioids distributed to each adult,” Maw said. “Opioids are the leading cause of drug overdoses in the United States. Proper disposal is a public health issue.”

Maw said no questions will be asked with the dropoff of any medication or needle. She pointed out it’s a good opportunity to safely dispose of medications of loved ones who’ve passed away.

“Look in your medicine cabinets,” she urged.

“Make sure you don’t have any unused or expired medications. If you do, let us take care of them for you.”

In between the roundups, drugs and needles can always be dropped off for disposal at the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, 911 E. Musser St.

For information, contact Partnership Carson City at 775-841-4730, or on the Partnership Carson City Facebook page.


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