SILVER DOLLARS & WOODEN NICKELS: Nevada doesn’t look a day older than 152

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SILVER DOLLAR: To the state of Nevada for turning 153 years old. You don’t look a day over 152. Of course technically the state is still 152 as it doesn’t celebrate it’s official birthday until Tuesday. But this weekend we’re all taking pride in celebrating this great state’s heritage and we thank all those who make the Nevada Day festivities possible.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Carson City’s Brenda Horton who was honored with the Governor’s Veteran Supporter of the Month Award. Horton is well known in the veterans’ community. She has served in leadership roles in the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserves Association, Branch 137 in Carson City.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Carson City’s Haley L. Ridgely for graduating from the Nevada Department of Public Safety’s Category 1 Basic Academy 78.

SILVER DOLLAR: Admittedly this is late but a Silver Dollar is overdue to the city of Las Vegas for staying strong after the tragedy that happened there. And of course to all the first responders and others for their bravery in responding to what happened. Northern Nevada has always had a rivalry with Las Vegas but we never forget we’re all Nevadans. #vegasstrong.

WOODEN NICKEL: To all those who try to take advantage of what happened in Las Vegas through the scams they operate.


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