Carson City has more than $1 billion in taxable sales

Taxable sales in Nevada passed the $5.1 billion mark in June.

That’s a 4.9 percent increase over June 2016 and finishes the fiscal year up 7.1 percent over the previous 12-month cycle.

Total statewide taxable sales were $56.5 billion in fiscal 2017.

Carson City did even better, recording a 5.1 percent increase in June to $97.3 million and a 9.7 percent gain over the fiscal year to a hair more than $1 billion total taxable sales.

But the champ for the year was tiny Storey County, where booming business at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center fed a 466 percent increase in June and finished the year 568.5 percent up compared to fiscal 2016. Storey recorded $1.6 billion in taxable sales during the year from the huge investments by Tesla, Panasonic, Google, Walmart, Switch and Pet Smart among others.

In Carson City, the auto sales that normally drive gains were up but only by 2.3 percent to $26.1 million.

Building material sales reported a 9.5 percent increase to $13.3 million, wholesale durable goods a near 20 percent gain to $6.8 million and sales by Food Services and Drinking Places an 11.8 percent increase to $9.7 million.

The other county having a banner year was Lyon which reported $54 million in taxable sales in June — a 42.4 percent increase — and $456 million for the fiscal year — up 19.8 percent

The big change for Lyon was in the Transportation Equipment Manufacturing category that went from $197,697 a year ago to $10.96 million this June. That also drove the huge increase in the fiscal year total as well.

Churchill County had a banner month in June, reporting $33.4 million in taxable sales. That’s a 58.5 percent increase over the previous June and finishes the fiscal year at $309.3 million in sales — 9.3 percent up for the year.

Building material sales were up 7.5 percent in Churchill to $2.1 million and wholesale durable goods just two percent shy of doubling total sales at $3.59 million.

But the biggest driver for Churchill in June was the huge increase in the Utilities category that went from $549,913 in sales to $1.17 million.

Douglas County had a 7.7 percent gain for the month and 6.9 percent for the year, reporting $61 million in June sales and $663.5 million for the fiscal year.

Building materials provided $4.3 million of the monthly increase, a 13.4 percent gain, and auto sales rose 37.1 percent to $4.87 million.

For June, just two counties — Humboldt and Mineral — reported decreases in taxable sales. For the year, only four of the 17 counties were down — Elko, Esmeralda, Humboldt and Mineral.


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