Dog breeds that have disappeared

Lily is a three-year-old female border collie/Lab mix who would love a home with no cats but she does love other dogs.

Lily is a three-year-old female border collie/Lab mix who would love a home with no cats but she does love other dogs.

I was surprised to discover that several breeds of dogs have become extinct and, once a breed is lost, it is permanent. Sometimes predators are the culprit, but more often they are bred into a similar breed. Of course, fashion also plays a big role in what is going to sustain a breed.

One of my favorite stories involves the Cordoba fighting dog. This magnificent creature was ruthless and powerful. They were bred to fight and were a mixture of mastiff, bull terrier, and bulldog. Unfortunately, when it came time to mate, males and females would try to tear each other apart. Needless to say the breed didn’t last too long. “Make war, not love” was their slogan.

Another interesting canine was the Hawaiian Poi dog. This pup was smaller and thought to be of Polynesian origin. They were fed a mushy vegetarian diet that allowed their heads to become very flat due to lack of chewing and disuse of the bones. They were flat and fat. It was not a winning combination, and eventually they disappeared.

My favorite is the Russian Tracker. These gorgeous big dogs are the predecessors of our current golden retrievers. Bred in Russia, they were imported to England where their transformation began. As the golden retriever gained popularity, the Tracker quietly faded away.

I’m just happy the Labrador is one of the most popular current breeds because I know an adorable chocolate Lab named Watson who makes our lives complete.


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