Letters to the editor for Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017

Time for silent majority to speak up

It’s time to put an end to nonproductive political correctness and the bashing of President Trump.

In his recent speech, President Trump said exactly what millions and millions of patriotic Americans have said since Colin Kaepernick’s ill-advised disrespect to our country’s flag and anthem.

Kaepernick also disrespected our country’s police officers who risk their lives every day protecting the citizens in their towns and cities.

For NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to come out in support of his players’ actions and also rebuke the president should be no surprise. The NFL consistently turns a blind eye to the criminal behavior of its players, from drug abuse, weapons charges and public brawling to domestic abuse and DUIs. The offending players, who are all millionaires, are only penalized by paying a fine or sitting out for a few games. This is certainly no hardship for them. In view of this, maybe it’s Goodell who should be fired.

Our country was founded “by the people, for the people.” Now is the time for “we the people” to take our country back from the special/self interest groups, both political and civilian, that are inciting the divisions in America and time for the silent majority to start speaking out loudly enough to be heard.

Betty Ann Estes

Carson City


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