Homeland security awards Nevada $13.5 million.

Nevada’s Emergency Management Division has been awarded $13.5 million in federal homeland security funds for this fiscal year.

A spokesman for the division said the money will continue to focus on high-risk areas including urban areas that face significant threats

That includes Las Vegas where a gunman murdered 58 and wounded many more on Oct. 1. The Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise area will get $5 million of that funding through the Urban Area Security Initiative.

In addition, the state of Nevada will get $3.9 million through the State Homeland Security Program to provide grants to the state’s counties to support emergency preparedness needs ranging from planning to equipment, training and to respond to catastrophic events.

The funding also includes $4.5 million under the Emergency Management Performance Grant program for the state to develop an emergency preparedness system to protect life and property from hazards.


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