Letters to the editor for Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018

Letter writers in lockstep with Democratic Party

In answer to the letters of the two apparent lockstep liberals, Ms. Tingle on Jan. 28 and Ms. Snyder on Jan. 20, who were deeply offended by my morals comment about liberals in an earlier letter to the editor, may I ask, did you really throw your beliefs in law and order to the wind, ignoring the corruption and criminal behavior of the Democrat Party and its candidate when you cast your ballots in the past election for POTUS?

I think Ms. Tingle had her ideas reversed when she accused me of living under a rock. Maybe she was just writing her own self portrait about her actions during the past election.

Ms. Snyder, do you really think the First Amendment covers the burning of cars, smashing the windows of business properties, and in some cases violently attacking persons of any group that does not subscribe to the liberal ideology? All these antics because the flawed liberal candidate lost to a conservative, capitalist, multimillionaire who was married more than once.

I am a registered voter, but not Republican, as you both probably believe. I do not lockstep with anyone.

To belay Ms. Snyder’s veiled statement of me being a racist, I will answer that by stating, I am not a racist, I do not like Biden either, and what I say in my own home is none of your business.

It is immoral for persons calling the USA their home to show disrespect to this country, the American flag, the national anthem, persons of legal authority, and to the Office of President of the United States.

George Gerlach



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