Past Pages for Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018

150 Years Ago

Frozen into civilization: Severe weather has affected the rabbits and birds. Cottontail tracks are abundant in the yards and houses at the edges of town. Is the early bird a sign of warm weather, or the woods being too cold for feathered creatures?

140 Years Ago

The kindergarten: We are authorized by Miss Babcock to say that kindergarten, from and after Feb. 4, will be kept in the Sunday school room of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. She has 25 scholars, all of whom love her and Miss Annie Martin with all their might and main.

130 Years Ago

Ducks: The editor of the Silver State notes the fact the same ducks that flew south from Humboldt last fall are starting north. The editor knows they are the same ducks by the numbered tags he placed on their tails last fall. It saves a good deal of trouble if you keep your ducks tagged.

100 Years Ago

Please observe: The committee having charge of the skating carnival requests participants do not wear masks that interfere with their sight. With the street full of skaters, everyone wants to be in full possession of their “peepers.”

World War I Experiences: Ike Bair enlisted and has written his old-time friend, Lieutenant Governor Maurice Sullivan.

“Dear Friend Maurice: Well, we just returned from a three hours’ drill and am pretty tired and sore, as a fellow who is not used to this exercise gets sore all over ... Yesterday three other men and myself were sent out on a detail (to get an auto load of sand) when we got acquainted with each other; one turned out to be the vice president of a Chicago bank; one was a professor with four degrees at Stanford college; the other was a man of the world who had been in the Army for three years ... God, Maurice, this life sure makes a fellow homesick. You ought to see us all crowd around for the mail call, and many a boy has tears in his eyes when he fails to hear from home or friends. Just this second — the whistle blew for mail, and you ought to have seen this bunch of animals tear out of here. Please try and find time to drop me a line, and ask the boys to.”

70 Years Ago

Navajo parcels: Bags and parcels containing canned foodstuff for destitute Navajo Indians, who exist on reservations in the southwestern part of the United States, are gradually accumulating in the lobby of the Ormsby county courthouse. Mrs. Florence Baldy stated she hopes to get at least one can of food from each person in the capital community.

20 Years Ago

Elder care: A special use permit to place six elderly people in a 4,000-square-foot Kings Canyon home was opposed by neighbors. The home was built in 1957 by Paul Laxalt, former Governor of Nevada, and has nine bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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