Carson City Literacy Volunteers in need of a place to operate

Jan Whitemore is director for Carson City Literacy Volunteers.

Jan Whitemore is director for Carson City Literacy Volunteers.

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The Carson City Literacy Volunteers are in dire need of a new facility.

The non-profit, which helps tutor children and adults, is looking for a new place to house its operations.

The program has been in Carson for 30 years, focusing on tutoring children and adults in reading and English as a second language learning. Outside of an initial $25 donation, the program is free to participants.

Previously, the program was given a space for free off of Jeanelle Way, however it moved into a reduced rent space on Moses Street when the first space was given to F.I.S.H for the Richards Crossing housing.

But, the space on Moses will soon be unavailable, as it was sold to an investment banker. The price for the non-profit is also more than it can afford.

“We don’t bring in money so it is difficult,” said Director Jan Whitemore. “And it isn’t profitable for them to have a rent that’s only $350, so we have to be out by March 1.”

The non-profit isn’t funded federally so it’s a requirement to keep all funding to a minimum.

Because of the reading program they use, Literacy Volunteers has to be in a central, permanent location. It has all of the equipment including tables and bookshelves, just need of a place for everyone to go.

Ideally, the program hopes to find a space that’s 1,000 square feet or less if necessary, is free or as close to free as possible, and with daily access as it will be used for tutoring, training and screenings. Whitemore said it can even be a one room facility because they have partitions they can use.

“We are looking to a wonderful beneficiary ... because if we can’t find a place, I don’t know what we will do,” Whitemore said. “We don’t want to charge our students, the only thing the money goes to is rent and the telephone bill.”

For Whitemore continuing this program is essential for the students.

“It is a wonderful service,” Whitemore said. “... we are all passionate about the importance of reading in our world and how hard it is to live without it. When a student is struggling to read it is difficult in school and they fall behind and it is hard to keep up. We are there to support them.”

And she understands their struggle.

“I am dyslexic myself and I had a terrible time in school so I feel strongly for these kids,” Whitemore said. “I really understand what they are going through.”

Whitemore said that’s why Literacy Volunteers is important because the organization can bring services to all students, not just those with money.

“We want everyone to be able to participate,” Whitemore said.

Each student meets two times a week for an hour at a time and currently the program has 15 kids, three adults and 10 tutors participating.

For information or to help contact Jan Whitemore at 775-885-1010 or visit their website at


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