Past Pages for Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018

Carson City looking north from the top of the Capitol building in 1871.

Carson City looking north from the top of the Capitol building in 1871.

150 Years Ago

The night before last was, we reckon, the coldest of the year. No air was stirring, but the frost did its work noiselessly and cruelly.

130 Years Ago.

A faithful dog; he defends his dead master’s body from the coyotes for two weeks: On or about the 10th of this month, H.P. Noyes left Sherwin’s Station, Round Valley, on snowshoes for Bodie, taking four days of rations and his dog, and as Mr. Noyes was known as an experienced mountaineer, no fears were entertained as of him getting through until his little dog returned alone to Sherwin’s Station in starving condition. Noyes was found later with tracks of the little dog around the body and coyote tracks all around. The little dog defended his master all that time. The body will be interred in the Bishop Creek graveyard.

100 Years Ago

Two mountain lions of unusually large size were killed within the last 48 hours just a short distance outside the city limits of Ely. This is a most unusual occurrence, and the hides of the ferocious beasts attracted much attention as they were exhibited along Aultman Street. One animal measured 11 feet and is perhaps the largest ever killed in this area.

70 Years Ago

It could not be determined, but either an earthquake or a terrific blast shook parts of Carson City early this afternoon. Chief of Police Howard Hoffman said county employees in the courthouse building felt the building quiver momentarily at about the same time.

50 Years Ago

Three Carson City lawmen charged with false arrest were found innocent yesterday following a two-day civil trial in Ormsby County District Court. The action stems from a March 7, 1966 incident during which a bomb threat at the Carson Nugget was being investigated.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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