Hundreds of doodles to decorate walls of Comma Coffee in Carson City

Just a handful out of thousands of doodles by Kaleb Temple.

Just a handful out of thousands of doodles by Kaleb Temple.

When Kaleb Temple doodles, he creates sketches of imaginary or well-known faces and incorporates a short quip — ranging from profound to goofy and everything in between. He hopes his drawings can draw happiness and laughter from those who view it, and if not amusement then introspective reflection.

Hundreds of Temple’s doodles will be displayed at Comma Coffee, the coffee shop at 312 S. Carson St., in March. The artist will be on hand to officially open the exhibit and share appetizers with anyone who wants to meet him from 5 to 7 p.m. March 7.

Temple, a University of Nevada, Reno graduate, specializes in illustration with an emphasis on portrait doodles and filmmaking. He has more than 15,000 doodles posted to his social media accounts, which are linked at his website,

According to his website, Temple has been doodling since he can remember. Most of his creations come out of his imagination with help from his memory and eyesight. Each drawing takes as little as 3-5 minutes, but others, such as actual people, celebrities, and characters from pop culture, typically take about 15-20 minutes when referring to reference images.

His doodles are a reflection of the many facets of humanity and are geared for anyone who enjoys observing the idiosyncrasies therein.

“Do you enjoy a good laugh? Do you enjoy getting clues, and then drawing conclusions about issues of life? What about when you walk through a crowd and hear bits and pieces of conversations, do you wonder what the rest of the story is behind those words? Are you a people watcher? Yes? Well, then you’re a great candidate for enjoying Doodles,” said a press release for the exhibit.

The art show, like other monthly displays hosted by the eatery, will be in the venue’s Backseat Gallery.

Some of Temple’s doodles will be available for purchase at the opening reception.


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