Letter to the editor: Immigrants posing problems in U.S.

Hello, America, have you really been paying attention to what’s happening in Congress? It’s all about what’s best for the immigrant and to hell with the American taxpayer. Right now in the biased news media it’s all about the Dreamers. Let’s look at some well known facts.

These Dreamers were born to illegal immigrants in this country and were allowed to have children that cost them nothing because your tax dollars were paying their medical bills. As they were growing up, your tax dollars continued to provide them with free medical. When they became school age, they wore good clothes (most of them designer) because your tax dollars were footing most of their bills. They sat in our public schools with their good clothes, next to our low-income families’ children, making them feel like substandard kids because of their clothing.

Then as they became college age, your tax dollars paid all of their expenses to attend our colleges that our average income families can’t afford. Because of that fact, we have lost some very bright minds that should have been in all facets of the engineering, industrial, business and medical fields and the political arena instead of all of the foreign (non American through generations) born people filling a lot of these positions.

So, come on you American voters, open your eyes and tighten your purses and bill folds and get it across to the news media and all of the politicians who are continually trying to change President Trump’s direction on the immigrant problem in this country, and get a budget passed without any immigrant clauses written in it. The best thing that could happen is to send all of the immigrants back to their own countries, Dreamers included, and let them dream about making their countries a better place to live in, and stop sponging off the true Americans through our bent politicians.

I for one say that if our current politicians in office can’t get a budget passed without a clause for the immigrants, then shut the government down. We all know that’s not going to happen because there are too many people in the government employ below the political world who depend on the government for their paychecks.

Another well known fact is that if we got rid of all the illegal immigrants in this country and used the money for better schools, smaller classes and more pay for our teachers, we would soon be back to the great America we were, instead of the second class country that the rest of the world sees us as know.

Bob Snider



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