Help sought for Storey County firefighter’s son

The Storey County Firefighters Association is seeking help for one of its own.

On Monday, 6-year-old Rhett Klingler — son of a Storey County Fire captain — was riding his bike in front of his family’s Sparks home when he was hit by a passing vehicle. It was reported the 85-year-old driver hit a bike ramp in the street, colliding with Klingler and knocking him off his bike. The vehicle then drove over him as he attempted to stand up, he was thrown into the air, landing on the neighbor’s lawn.

Klingler was transported to the trauma center at Renown Regional Medical Center where he’s listed in critical but stable condition. He suffered a closed head injury with a small brain bleed and a fracture to his femur; he’s currently sedated and on a ventilator. Surgeons had hoped to operate on Wednesday but had to move the procedure to Thursday due to the child’s overall condition.

The association has established a donation account for the Klingler family to help alleviate some of their medical costs.

To make a donation, visit For more information or inquiries a family liaison has been established and can be contacted at


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