Past Pages for Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018

Carson City looking north from the top of the Capitol building in 1871.

Carson City looking north from the top of the Capitol building in 1871.

150 Years Ago

On account of difficulty of navigating, we understand the Presbyterian Social will not meet until a week from today. Notice of the place where the meeting will be held will be duly given.

130 Years Ago

We Love Him Still: It has been nearly two months since our old friend Jake Klein has sent a keg of his seductive beer to the Appeal office. His cold neglect and ingratitude, however, do not cause this office to love him any the less than in the somnolent autumn, when he dumped a keg down at the door every week. Even if he never again gladdened the crowd of thirsty printers with a keg of beer, the tender recollections of bygone days and the mellow, ripened affection of the composing room for his brand, would never fade.

100 Years Ago

Not Only Unsightly, But a Menace: Many porches have been removed from buildings on Carson Street, and it has done much to improve the appearance of that thoroughfare. But there is another feature that remains that is just as unsightly as the dilapidated-looking porches that formerly stood there and that is the billboards on stilts that stand at the corners and other places and confront the passerby with a lot of cheap, blasé pictures.

70 Years Ago

Save Electricity Plan Launched: Cooperating with the Northern California “save electricity” program necessitated by the winter drought, Standard of California announced today it was asking its 2,250 independent Chevron dealers and Standard Stations, Inc., units in the area from Oregon line to Thachapi to cut their light usage to the minimum.

50 Years Ago

By Doris Cerveri: Hurrying West with miners, prostitutes, gamblers and hordes of other enterprising individuals came pastors in search of a bonanza. These dedicated men were not seeking riches and a worldly reward but looking for a windfall of sinners to convert.

30 Years Ago

Fueled by work on the proposed nuclear waste dump, the U.S. Energy Department proposed Thursday to increase its spending in Nevada by 18 percent the next fiscal year.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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