Letters to the editor for Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018

GOP lacking in morals and ethics

Holy palomino! George Gerlach, have you been living under a rock the last couple of years? When you question the morals of the Dems/libs, you have obviously chosen to be woefully blind and ignorant of what has been going on with the individual who was elected the president of the United States a year ago, not to mention a certain Alabama wannabe senator!

If memory serves me correctly, the current sitting president has allegedly had issues staying faithful to all three of his wives, and the wannabe senator allegedly had issues keeping his hands to himself and his pants zipped when around young ladies not of the age of consent.

Before you begin casting aspersions about the morals or ethics of the Dems/libs, you might want to do some soul searching regarding your support of a party who backs people who obviously are lacking in both!

Hope A. Tingle

Carson City


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