Letters to the editor for Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018

On tax cuts: Enjoy the party while it lasts

In response to Assemblyman Chris Edwards’ letter on Jan. 28 touting the tax cuts, maybe you should just slow down a little before you take a victory lap.

I’m a registered independent voter, but I believe in common sense and fiscal responsibility. Call me old fashioned, but my household doesn’t run on a deficit; we always pay off our bills before we spend on things we want, and we don’t run up our credit cards unless we can pay it off.

I’m all for tax cuts for businesses large and small, but to assume these tax cuts are going to grow the GDP to cover the cost will remain to be seen considering most economic advisors believe that’s not going to be enough.

Yes, we’ve seen a few encouraging signs, but with our country’s running a $20 trillion deficit and you want to increase defense spending and pay for a border wall and the country’s infrastructure needs rebuilding and on and on — where’s it all going to come from? The bill will come due some day ... what then? Medicare and Social Security might be cut and oh, yes, tax increases, so enjoy the party while it lasts.

Wally Lasuer



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