Churchill County voters consistent with statewide results: Heller vs. Rosen; Sisolak vs. Laxalt

In the U.S. Senate race, Democrat Jacky Rosen garnered 584 votes and will face incumbent Sen. Dean Heller in the general election. Heller, a Republican who grew up in Carson City, led the pack with 2,285 votes, and Tom Heck came in second with 576.

For the U.S. House of Representatives, District 2, Republican incumbent Mark Amodei beat back a challenge from Sharron Angle, 2,312 votes to 526. On the Democratic side, Clint Noble received 220 votes, followed by Rick Shepherd with 180 votes. Amodei and Noble will face each other in November.

Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak defeated Chris Giunchigiani in the Democratic race for governor, 387 to 298 votes. Adam Laxalt easily won the Republican nod, 2,547 votes to Dan Schwartz’s 178. Schwartz decided not to seek re-election as the state’s treasurer.

Kate Marshall, a Democrat and former state treasurer, defeated Laurie Hansen, 622 votes to 140. State Sen. Republican leader Michael Roberson received 1,331 votes to Brent Jones, who had 535 votes. Coming in third was Eugene Hoover with 418.

Barbara Cegavkse, who is seeking re-election, defeated Ernst Aldridge in the Republican race, 1,656 to 958 votes. She will face Democratic candidate Nelson Araujo Jr. in the fall. Araujo did not have a primary opponent.

Republican Bob Beers defeated Derek Uehara, 1,995 to 591 votes, and will face Democratic candidate Zach Conine in the general election.

Democratic State Sen. Aaron Ford will be his party’s nominee for attorney general after he defeated Stuart Mackie, 504 votes to 220. Wes Duncan won the Republican nod, 1,820 votes to Craig Mueller’s 915.

For Justice of the Supreme Court, Churchill County voters cast 1,596 votes for Leon Aberasturi, a district court judge from Fernley. Elissa Cadish finished second in the five-candidate field with 1,007 votes.


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