The Popcorn Stand: Alexa has become creepy

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“Alexa” could be the next horror movie. And of course you know who I would love to play in the lead role if such a movie was made. I think Nicolas Cage would be great in the role of a man who has gone mad because he can’t shut off his Amazon Echo device.

I’m a technologically deficient old fuddy, duddy so I haven’t gotten past the point where Alexa keeps telling me every once in a while “I’m having trouble connecting to the Internet.” But it also appears Alexa has a sense of humor. Or maybe Alexa doesn’t have a sense of humor she just likes to laugh apparently for no reason.

People have gone to social media lately to talk about how they’ve been freaked out by Alexa’s laughing. Alexa it seems just busts out laughing apparently for no reason or at least when it misinterprets an unintentional command to laugh.

And apparently it’s a “really creepy,” “evil” and “scariest” laugh they ever heard according to some of those who have posted to social media. Actually the one person who used the term “scariest” didn’t use the word laugh, I’ll just substitute for the word that person used, but suffice to say that person believes the laugh is the “scariest (thing) I’ve ever heard.”

Amazon admits there’s a problem, but says it’s just “rare” when she might mistakenly hear “Alexa, laugh.” In a statement, Amazon said it’s changing the command to “Alexa, can you laugh?” to reduce the chance of Alexa laughing.

Of course you know what I’m going to say, all these do-dads and technology are nice — if they actually work. Stuff that works, that’s all I want, stuff that works.

I certainly don’t need any technology with a creepy laugh. Even if it would make a good Nicolas Cage movie.

— Charles Whisnand


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