Fallon finishes regular season at Truckee

The Greenwave swim team ran into a tough Truckee squad with the regional meet in sight.

The Wolverines defeated Fallon’s boys team, 176-69, and girls team, 201-67, in Truckee on Saturday. The regional meet is this weekend in Carson City and state follows next week at UNLV.

The team of Dominic Schulenberg, Ruben Alanis, Christian Nemeth and Donnovan Wright finished second in the 200-meter medley relay in 2 minutes, 1.90 seconds and second in the 200 relay in 1:44.70. The team of Justin Bivens, Kaden Grimes, Brian Seline and Kaweepat Hoonsiri finished second in 4:52.97 in the 400 relay.

Alanis finished fourth in the 200 free in 2:17.40, followed by Hoonsiri in fifth in 2:42.78 and McAlexander in sixth in 2:52.25. Nemeth took third in the 50 free in 24.36 and Wright was fifth in 26.91, followed by Schulenberg in sixth in 27.88 and Seline in seventh in 30.70.

Nemeth finished third in the 100 free in 55.17, followed by Wright in fourth in 1:00.53 and Grimes in fifth in 1:11.59. Hoonsiri took third in the 500 free in 8:02.39 and Schulenberg was third in the 100 backstroke in 1:16.67. Alanis finished third in the 100 breaststroke in 1:15.34, followed by Seline in fourth in 1:22.37, McAlexander in sixth in 1:32.27 and Bivens in seventh in 1:33.86.

Larissa Sanches, Hannah Rochna and the 400 relay team led the Lady Wave with second-place finishes.

Sanches took second in the 100 free in 1:13.97, Rochna finished second in the 100 backstroke in 1:13.76 while the team of Emily Turnham, Bailey Diede, Marlen Hannen and Sanches took second in the 400 relay in 5:32.53. Emily Giovanetti, Ashby Trotter and Hannen finished fourth through sixth in the 100 breaststroke in 1:24.75, 1:28.70 and 1:35.70, respectively.

The team of Rochna, Trotter, Giovanetti and Whitney Bernard finished third in the 200 medley relay in 2:19.59 followed by the team of Karley Frederick, Cara White, Hannen and Turnham in third in 2:52.50. Rochna finished fifth in the 200 free in 2:29.26, followed by Sanches in sixth in 2:32.73.

Trotter was third in the 50 free in 31.89 followed by Bernard in fifth in 33.59 and Frederick in sixth in 33.90. Giovanetti finished third in the 100 fly in 1:14.34 followed by Frederick in fifth in 1:38.26 and Diede in sixth in 1:40.24.

The 200 relay team of Sanches, Trotter, Rochna and Giovanetti took third in 2:05.06 and the team of White, Frederick, Diede and Bernard was fourth in 2:22.15.


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