Cops and Kids to be held Saturday

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office will be hosting its annual Cops and Kids event as a way to bring together law enforcement, youth and the community.

The event is an interactive day, for Carson youth to experience and see the different avenues in law enforcement. They will have the chance to learn about the different divisions in the Sheriff’s Office from SWAT to Motors to Gang to K9, as well as a variety of safety organizations in the community including Parks and Recreation and Open Spaces and the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Coordinator Deputy Lisa Davis said the purpose of the event is to have the community and law enforcement to come together as well as learn about safety, crime and prevention.

“We want everyone to feel included and welcome,” Davis said. “This year we are seeing a tremendous energy from groups who are participating. This event may be called Cops and Kids but there is something for everyone.”

For the Sheriff’s Office, it’s more than that, it’s a way to connect with the town’s youth to show police aren’t something to be feared, that they’re a community partner.

“This event is an excellent opportunity to extend and, in some cases even mend, relationships with youth, families, agencies and law enforcement in our community,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong. “It is a great time to learn more about our department, and the many community agencies with whom we partner. We welcome everyone and strongly encourage folks to come join the festivities.”

In addition to the law enforcement activities, there will be music, free food, face painting, games, crafts and even a petting zoo from The Littlest Things.

“This event models how to treat others — both people and animals so we can reduce the risk cruelty of any kind both to people and to animals and give everyone a sense of belonging,” said Davis.

The event was started more than a decade ago by the department’s administration as a way to improve community policing efforts and create positive interactions with the residents.

“This is our 15th year of hosting Cops and Kids and it has been tremendously successful. Interacting with youth and members of the community gives everyone a sense of belonging and ownership both with the sheriff’s office and with the community,” Furlong said. “For a young boy or girl to be able to identify with an officer by their first name, barriers are reduced and trust with confidence is built.”

Cops and Kids will be Saturday in front of the Sheriff’s Office, 911 Musser St., from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. For questions and more information, contact Lisa Davis at 775-283-7809.


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