Carson City health inspections for May 18

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for May 18. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Artisan Bakeworks & Cafe, restaurant and catering, 701 S. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Battle Born Social, bar and lounge, 318 N. Carson St., 100 points.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, school cafeteria, 1837 N. Mountain St., 100 points.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 1457 S. Carson St., 100 points.

CVS Pharmacy, 3240 E. Highway 50, 100 points.

Dollar Tree Store, 2709 N. Carson St., 100 points.

Firehouse Subs, 3120 E. Highway 50, Suite 1, 100 points.

Flat Earth Pizza, 2010 E. William St., 100 points.

Galaxy Fandango, 4000 S. Curry St., 100 points.

Jimmy G’s Cigar Bar, 301 N. Carson St., 100 points.

Laundry Lounge, 1300 E. Fifth St., 100 points.

Los Garcias Mexican Restaurant, 2000 N. Carson St., 100 points.

Mi Casa Too, 3809 N. Carson St., 100 points.

Papa Murphy’s, 1894 E. Highway 50, Suite 5, 100 points.

Ron Wood Family Resource Center, 2621 Northgate Lane, Suite 62, 100 points.

Saffron, 1301 N. Carson St., 100 points.

Schwan’s Sales Inc., 45 Red Rock Road, 100 points.

Battle Born Social, restaurant, 318 N. Carson St., 99 points. The mechanical dishwashing facilities weren’t properly designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located or operated.

Mom & Pop’s Nook, 401 S. Carson St., 99 points. The kitchen ventilation screen was coated in dust and grease.

Taco Bell, 4539 N. Carson St., 99 points. Grease was spilled on the concrete slab in the trash storage area.

Little Caesars Pizza, 1217 S. Carson St., 98 points. A faucet needed to be repaired (repeat violation). Cloths used on food-contact surfaces weren’t clean, didn’t contain sanitizer residual or weren’t being used properly.

Mallards Restaurant, Empire Ranch Golf Course, 1875 Fairway Drive, 98 points. Cutting board surfaces were damaged.

Taqueria La Salsa, 1946 E. Highway 50, 98 points. Food removed from its original packing wasn’t being stored in an approved container.

Antojitos el Mundo Latino, 910 E. William St., 89 points. Some food in the reach-in freezer wasn’t properly labeled and dated. A freezer was in operation even though it wasn’t certified for commercial use. The ice cream storage freezer was caked with excessive amounts of ice. One of the bathrooms was missing paper towels. There was no proof a certified food handler was on duty.


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