Past Pages for Thursday, May 24, 2018

150 Years Ago

Robbed: M. D. Hatch of Carson City and Mr. Myers of Colfax, were stopped by two brown veiled highwaymen, just below the junction of Grass Valley and Nevada roads. The men demanded loose money and took $81 from Hatch and $30 from Myers.

140 Years Ago

Scraps: Superintendent Crawford of the Mint has arranged with the V&T R.R. machine shop for the manufacture of a cast-iron arch for the old coin press that was broken. This press has been running since 1870 and turned out millions of dollars in gold and silver coin.

Memorial Day: The Memorial Day Committee has made ample arrangements for flowers. An order was sent to Sacramento for city bouquets. In two cemeteries there are seven graves to be decorated — five Union soldiers, one Mexican veteran, and one member of the Carson Guard. One of the features of Memorial Day will be singing at the graves by a choir of children who are rehearsing for the occasion.

130 Years Ago

All sorts: There was a scrimmage between a couple of tonsorial artists. There were razors in the air, and in the brush one of the belligerents got pretty well lathered.

110 Years Ago

Never erred: Riley Davis, Governor Sparks’ private secretary, died on Saturday. In his 10 years in office, he never made a mistake.

70 Years Ago

Marble tourney: George Johnson was declared marble champion of Carson City following a knuckle-tourney sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Second place went to Don Christensen and third place to Raymond Brazzanovich — after competition with 60 of their pals. Hal Kispert, director of the tournament, said much of the success was due to John Darling, eighth grade teacher, who got the boys interested in the contest.

20 Years Ago

Kids learn about Japan: Akiko Hasegawa shows children at Minden Elementary School the wonders of the country of Japan. As a Japanese foreign exchange teacher, she is fluent in English and teaches kindergarten through sixth grade at Minden Elementary School.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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