$22 million spent in governors race

Going into the final days of the election campaign for governor, the major candidates have spent more than $22 million, believed to be a record for that race.

Democrat Steve Sisolak has outspent Republican Attorney General Adam Laxalt by more than $4.4 million, according to campaign reports filed in the Secretary of State’s office filed Friday.

Sisolak, a member of the Clark County Commission, reported $13.2 million spending for his run for governor since Jan. 1. But the document shows he has received only $7.4 million in campaign contributions.

Laxalt campaign report says he spent $8.8 million and collected $6.2 million.

The race is considered neck and neck going into the final voting Tuesday. There have been reports of heavy turnouts in early voting.

And in the race for lieutenant Governor, Democrat Kate Marshall has collected $682,044 since the beginning of the year and has shelled out $784,237.

Her opponent Republican state Sen Michael Roberson received $589,094 in contributions and spent $670,021.

So both Democratic candidates have collected more and spent more on the campaign.

In the period from Oct.13 to Nov. 1, Sisolak reported spending $2.9 million compared to $1.4 million for Laxalt. Both sides have conducted exertive media campaigns.

Spending this campaign compares with Brian Sandoval who reported spending $4.3 million when he was first elected in 2010.

The largest campaign contribution during the October to November period was $20,000 to Sisolak from Adam Bierman of Culver City, Calif.

Both candidates reported many contributions of $10,000 from political action groups both inside and outside Nevada.


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