Reno judge disciplined — again — by state

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline has ruled Washoe County District Judge David Humke “poses a substantial threat of serious harm to the administration of justice.”

It ordered a suspension with pay and it comes after Humke completed a suspension with salary.

The commission said this suspension would be with pay until it reaches a decision on additional evidence presented at a hearing last month.

Humke, a former Assemblyman and Washoe County commissioner, was first suspended, fined and ordered to undergo additional training.

Subsequent to that, Judge Bridget Robb, the presiding judge of the Family Court Division, supplied additional evidence about the inability of Humke to perform his duties.

The commission held a hearing and decided to issue the additional punishment, pending its decision on the new allegations.

In its new order Friday, the commission said there was credible evidence Humke significantly lacks the requisite knowledge and ability to handle administrative and legal duties in the family court.

It said Humke rules in cases where he lacks jurisdiction and assigns cases to others such as clerks and attorneys,

The commission found Humke ignores the requirements in child support cases and schedules unnecessary hearings in child custody cases which prolongs the decision for years.

The order said Humke “demonstrates an alarming pattern of legal errors throughout his decisions” and lacks decorum in the courtroom.

As an example, Humke placed a 5-year-old in custody of his grandparents in Utah. The child remained in Utah despite the fact parents made efforts to regain the guardianship.

Humke, according to the commission, held trials without the parents being notified in other cases.

Humke returned to duty Oct. 1 after the first suspension.

In another case, the commission stated Humke shifted the responsibility of paying child support from one parent to the other without following the law.


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