Ronni Hannaman: Cast of Mamma Mia! goes all out to entertain

This is the final weekend to see the fabulous stage production of Western Nevada Musical Theater’s production of Mamma Mia!

If you haven’t seen the show yet, stop what you’re doing and go online immediately to make your reservation to see one of the best shows performed by the WNMTC theater company within our community center theater.

The discomfort of the current seats will wane as the show opens and unfolds over the next few hours. As soon as the captivating Heather Canfield appears on stage as Sophie, you’re captivated. And, when Christina Bourne makes her appearance and belts out “Money, Money, Money,” well, you’re hooked.

The next few hours go by so quickly, eyes never wavering from this excellent production. If you saw the movie, you’ll love the theater version, though in my ever so humble opinion, Bourne is a far superior singer to Meryl Streep and the male leads can actually sing! While the visuals within the movie were a wonderful travelogue, the sets produced by the WNMTC staff are just as captivating and the perfect backdrop for a great performance.

The professional orchestra conducted by Kevin Murphy adds to the Broadway professionalism of this production. The high energy singers led by vocal director Judy Monson and the choreography by Gina Kaskie Davis is just about perfect. You get the sense the cast is having a great time performing for you.

This is the 104th theater production by WNMTC, many of which have been directed by producer, director Stephanie Arrigotti. Arrigotti is a perfectionist and mindful of the details. The talent within our region seems to know no bounds.

Take a breather before you need a breather this weekend! Take a few hours out of your weekend routine and enjoy some wonderful Broadway-quality theater — right here in Carson City! A sign of an excellent production is when my husband is so engaged he doesn’t nod off and didn’t want the show to end!

For tickets: or 445-4249.


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