The Popcorn Stand: Word of the Year — what a waste

I’m sad to report we live in a toxic society. That’s according to Oxford Dictionaries, who has judged toxic to be the word of the year.

Yes, our society can obviously be toxic at times, but for toxic to become the word of the year — in a landslide no less according to Oxford — gives me a, well, gives me a toxic feeling.

Oxford reported there was a 45 percent increase when it came to researcing the word toxic. Oxford reported toxic was such a runaway “winner” of being the word of the year it was the “stand-out choice.”

I’m beginning a campaign now more than a month before the end of the year to change this toxic situation. I looked up antonyms for toxic and the one that jumped out to me was kind.

So I’m going to lead an effort to make kind the word of the year in 2019. What a turnaround that would be to go from a toxic society to a kind society.

Actually we’re already a kind society but how toxic this society can be receives more notoriety. I want to change that. I want our kindness to be noticed a lot more.

So let’s make sure a word like toxic never becomes the word of the year ever again. In 2019, let’s make sure kind becomes the word of the year.

It will be the kind thing to do.

— Charles Whisnand


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