Pioneer High holds JAG ceremony

Pioneer High School held a JAG ceremony on Wednesday.

Pioneer High School held a JAG ceremony on Wednesday.

In both 2017 and 2018, 100 percent of Pioneer High School seniors enrolled in JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) graduated.

Last year, 88 percent of JAG students with attendance issues showed improved attendance. Also, 85 percent of JAG students with disciplinary issues improved in that area. These are just a few of the many benefits the JAG program has provided for students at Pioneer High School. On Wednesday, Pioneer High School JAG students participated in their annual Initiation and Installment Ceremony at the Plaza Hotel. The Initiation and Installment (I and I) ceremony inducts new members and installs newly elected officials with peers, family members, and mentors in attendance.

Program goals are presented as well. Each year students choose a keynote speaker for the event. This year, the keynote speaker was Sandra Granucci, former attendance clerk at Pioneer High School. Granucci has recently returned to studies at WNC, setting a great example for students of hard work and goal-setting. Principal Jason Zona also spoke to students and family members about the many merits of the JAG program. Of course, a number of PHS students participated in the program as well. Siana Escobosa (senior), Nick Allen (senior), Kaya Burdett-Wanamaker (junior), and Cassidy Lingenfelter (junior) introduced committees and Escobosa also gave the oath to all members.

This year’s officers are: President—Siana Escobosa; Vice Presidents—Nick Allen and Kaya Burdett-Wanamaker; Treasurer—Chase Cramer; Secretary- Cassidy Lingenfelter; Historian—Taylor Odle.

Representatives: Steven Del Donno, Ryan Freitas, Joshua Jones, Amanda Nichols.


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