Governor candidate questions

Adam Laxalt

Adam Laxalt

Russell Best

Party: Independent American

Address: 8450 Rusty B Circle, Stagecoach, Nevada 89429

Occupation: Retired

Age: 68


Record of Service: U.S. Navy (Medical Honorable Discharge)

Education: BA Moorpark College

Platform: There are many issues facing our great state today, many stemming from the fact that the major parties spend more time fighting with each other than fixing the problems at hand. As an Independent I don’t answer to a party , but to you, the hard working people of Nevada. Whether it is fighting to save the wild horses, lowering taxes, or helping to bring more jobs to the state; I am here for you. Your issues are my issues, so please drop me a line, ask me anything . I am a open, honest and plain speaking candidate who is here to fight for you.

What is one issue affecting the lives of Northern Nevadans that you would work to fix?

We need to stop the senseless slaughter of the wild horses that symbolize the free and pioneering spirit that this state is known for. Killing them to clear the way for big companies, or selling them to foreign lands in order to make dog food is not the answer. We need to support adoptions not the greed of the federal and state government. I intend to work with the state lawmakers to create laws and better options to ensure the protection of these majestic animals.

Adam Laxalt

Party: Republican

Address: P.O. Box 97801, Las Vegas, NV 89193

Occupation: Nevada Attorney General

Age: 40


Record of service: I had the honor to serve as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. I volunteered to serve at Forward Operating Base Camp Victory, where my team oversaw more than 20,000 detainees during the surge in Iraq, keeping the United States and our troops safer by assisting in the detention and prosecution of terrorists and war criminals. I also served as a professor of law at the U.S. Naval Academy. Today, I have the honor of serving as Nevada’s attorney general, where I have taken a results-driven approach to defending the people of Nevada, pursuing justice for victims, protecting the state’s most vulnerable citizens, and increasing services for members of the military community.

Education: Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown University and also graduated from Georgetown University Law Center.

Platform: I am running for governor so that the dreams of Nevadans can endure and thrive beyond this generation and into the next. This state has meant so much, and given so much, to me and to my family through the years. And as governor, I’ll be committed to ensuring that Nevada’s next chapter is the greatest yet in our state’s rich history. There are a number of important issues that I will address as governor, but there are three in particular that I will make my highest priorities. First and foremost, I will work tirelessly to improve education in Nevada, bringing more accountability to our system and ensuring that every Nevada student has access to a quality education. I will also work to create a climate that will lead to a stronger economy, more job creation and more opportunities for Nevada’s families and individuals. And I will work to enhance public safety in our local communities, which has been my top priority as Attorney General.

What is one issue affecting the lives of Northern Nevadans that you would work to fix?

Education is the civil rights issue of our time. I believe improving our education system must be a top priority in every single part of our state. There are many important challenges I’ll address if I have the honor of serving as Nevada’s next governor, but my top priority will be ensuring all Nevada children have access to the quality education they deserve. That’s why I’ve pledged that as governor, I’ll increase education funding by $500 million. Just as important, I’ll make sure that money is getting to the place where it will have the greatest impact on student achievement — in the classroom.

I’ve worked with some of Nevada’s best teachers, administrators, policymakers and other education leaders — from both the public and private education realms — over the last few months to develop an education plan that will deliver on the promise of a great education for every Nevada student. My education plan includes:

Building on education successes, especially the new programs created to improve early literacy.

Creating an online “Education Checkbook” that will increase accountability by providing Nevadans with full information on how and where every public education dollar is spent.

Rewarding teachers who go above and beyond in the classroom — for example, by doubling the allowed amount teachers can be reimbursed for classroom expenses they cover themselves.

Expanding school choice for parents, by increasing students’ access to charter schools, doubling the scope of our Opportunity Scholarship program, and supporting Education Savings Accounts.

Preparing students for professional success by increasing access to Career and Technical Education, which will equip them with the tools they need to thrive in the workforce while ensuring our employers have access to the skilled workers they need.

Addressing Nevada’s teacher shortage by creating a program called “Tomorrow’s Teachers,” which will provide students with a scholarship to pursue a degree from a Nevada university or college in areas where we face critical shortages in exchange for agreeing to teach in Nevada for a set number of years.

And making sure we keep our schools safe, which will be a top focus for me as governor.

Nevada faces many challenges in education policy, but I believe the solutions are within our reach. I’m confident that my platform will help ensure Nevada’s next chapter in education is our best yet. Our kids deserve nothing less.

Steve Sisolak

Party: Democrat

Address: PO Box 850, Las Vegas, NV 89125

Occupation: Clark County Commission Chair

Age: 56


Record of service: Nevada Board of Regents, 1998-2008; Clark County Commision, 2009-present

Education: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, MBA, 1978; University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Bachelor’s degree, 1974

Platform: I’m running for governor because I want to ensure every Nevada family has the opportunity to succeed.

As Clark County Commission Chair, I’ve been a problem-solver and consensus builder who’s brought job-creating projects to Nevada. As governor, I’ll do the same, and that means diversifying our economy and attracting new and growing businesses — like renewable energy, biotech, and advanced manufacturing.

I believe every child, no matter their background or zip code, deserves access to a quality education. As governor, I will give educators the raise they deserve, reduce class sizes, and open up opportunities to continuing education for all students. I’ll also make sure we create more apprenticeship and professional training opportunities so Nevadans can graduate high school career-ready.

And, I believe health care is only effective when it is affordable and accessible. As governor, I’ll protect Nevada families’ access to health care, which includes protecting Nevada’s Medicaid expansion and working to ensure every community has access to quality care and coverage.

What is one issue affecting the lives of Northern Nevadans that you would work to fix?

Our state is on the brink of a water crisis and, as our communities continue to grow and thrive, this crisis will only worsen. But while a path forward may not be certain, one thing is clear — any policies we choose to move forward with must be statewide solutions, not ideas that benefit one locality over another.

That is why I oppose the proposed pipeline project to import water from White Pine and Lincoln Counties into Clark County. My opinion is that this project is not a smart or effective way to spend what is projected to cost more than $15 billion. This plan is nothing more than a 20th-century band-aid to a 21st-century problem. And despite recent actions taken by the Southern Nevada Water Authority Board to remain at the table for conversations about the future of this project, my opinion has not changed.

It is my firm belief that while these studies and discussions regarding the pipeline can continue, the pipeline will not be an element of the final solution to Southern Nevada’s water needs. There are multiple options that we should pursue before we even consider spending that much money on a pipeline, including increased conservation and desalination projects.

My commitment to Nevada residents is to continue my efforts to best manage our state’s limited water resources while preventing the unnecessary destruction of fragile ecosystems. The environmental needs of northeastern Nevada must be treated equally to the resource needs of other communities. We are one state and we need to deliver solutions that reflect this. As governor, I will hold that as a guiding principle for every policy I pursue.


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