Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018

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Why illegal immigrants come to country

Why do so many illegal immigrants come to this country?

Maybe it is because 338.3 billion dollars of our tax dollars are spent on them on an annual basis.

This is equivalent to $2,500 per year per taxpayer or roughly $5.000 per year per family.

One has to wonder what would happen if the government ceased all these various programs.

Sanford Deyo


Politicians tell us what you’re going to do

Stop telling us all the bad things everyone else has done and start telling us what your going to do FOR us. Lets do away with smear campaigns that state he did this and she didn’t do that. It is a waste of time and money and I am confident that your efforts could be put to better use.

I applaud the politician that came to my door and introduced herself and explained what office she was running for and why she was qualified, I think that is the personal touch that I am looking for but rather the time is used to create TV ads that show politicians walking through the desert, please!!!

If you really want to make a change for the voters in our nation, start with how you present yourself, your plans, your qualifications and stop the needless assertions you make of your opponent.

Colleen Miller


Heller needed to stop Trump

I would vote for Dean Heller to be re-elected even if Donald Trump were not an issue, but his being president makes Heller’s presence in the Senate more important than ever.

Trump’s impulsive, self-serving actions may eventually prove disastrous. His being surrounded by cronies like John Bolton in the White House only intensifies the possibilities. What lies behind his now empty threats to level North Korea? What are the consequences of his rush to appease the Saudi’s murder of that correspondent? Why really does he plan to terminate the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty?

I don’t believe word one of Trump’s excuses for this latest toxic threat. I ask myself is it merely to nourish his base? Is it another of his bully bluffs which one day will be called? Does he want to restart the nuclear arms race thinking that winning the contest would be worth the risk of leaving large swathes of our country and the rest of the world a radioactive wasteland? Or is it simply base cowardice on his part which finds this route ‘safer’ than challenging Russia head on for its misbehavior?

We cannot afford to allow history to tell us which of the answers to this last set of questions should be “yes.” I depend on Senator Heller with his seniority and position as a respected Republican to confront Trump on his feckless aims. Jackie Rosen would have neither the credibility, position, influence or seniority to stop this man.

Michael Goldeen

Carson City

The trouble with some politicians

Dear Mr. Sisolak and Mr. Laxalt,

I sent you both an email asking a simple question: Are you in favor of a raise in the minimum wage in the State of Nevada? The subject was not addressed on either website. I did not get the courtesy of a response from either of your campaigns. I find this puzzling and maddening. I am puzzled because I would think in a race as close as yours that you would be trying to secure my vote. I am angry because if you don’t respond when you’re running for office, then why should I believe you’ll be responsive if elected? Isn’t being responsive part of the job? Are you both so confident that you think ignoring a voter is better than responding honestly to a question? Or are you afraid that by answering a question honestly that you might actually let this voter know where you stand on an issue.

Gerald Massad

Carson City


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